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Please email me at: for commissions!



  • FLAT 


  • There are no special discounts, please do not ask.

  • I can reject any commission offer for any reason.

  • Payment upfront.

  • I will not draw fetish art or any pornographic content.

  • I will not draw political stuff or symbols.

  • Please do not harass me while I’m doing your commission or while waiting to get to your commission as it will result in a rushed artwork rather then a quality one. I will update you with WIP’s as I get to yours.


  • Bust 

  • Half 

  • Full Body 


  • Bust 

  • Half 

  • Full 


  • Your choice of colour or transparent background!

  • Depending on the amount of detail you have on your character prices will fluctuate based on how long it will take me (EXAMPLE: Really long curly hair, extremely Lacey detailed dress, a large assortment of accessories, ect).

  • I do not offer detailed backgrounds at this time but if you are really dead set on wanting a background prices can be negotiated.

  • If you want more then one character in a single picture the price will double, triple, ect to however many more you want added (example 2 characters in painted half body will start at $300+) unless extra character is small like a cat or a doll then price can be negotiated.

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